Pros and Cons of Free and Paid Filipino Dating Sites

Pros and Cons of Free and Paid Filipino Dating Sites

Online dating is the fastest and convenient way to meet your life time partner. Not only you can browse and choose from millions of profiles every day, but you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. In this article we will point out most important pros and cons of Filipinas dating websites you shall remember before turning your dream of having exotic lady into a reality.

1.Let’s take a look on positive aspects first. Before online dating finding a partner was time and money consuming process. It is said that online dating increase number of finding true love. Contacting ideal partner never been so easy. All you have to do is create account, add few pictures along with information and you are ready to go. With a simple mouse click dating world is opened for you. You can travel around the world without leaving your home. Break the ice and geographical barriers. Obviously you can find Filipina without traveling to Philippines. They are well known for being supportive and long distance relationship is not a problem for them.

1.Filipino dating sites do not require much money investment. All you need is internet connection and electronic device. It’s your will to become regular membership or paid one.

2.No more failed hopes and dates with somebody who supposed to be your match. Most of Filipina dating services recommends using matching tools or playing funny, short games to find your ideal partner. This feature definitely will help you to get in touch with proper lady.

3.Online dating can be easily experienced without couple leaving their own homes. Webcam and microphone will do the thing. You don’t need to take your date outside to cinema or restaurant before better knowing each other. This will save your money for sure. What’s more online conversations tend to be more honest and down to earth. It’s much easier to know your partner that way.

4.Being rejected via online dating is much less painful and embarrassing. Nobody likes to be rejected and yes it can hurt a lot. Even though somebody you like won’t be interested in you there’s still plenty of fishes that are waiting for you.

5.Of course there are some negative aspects of online dating as well. One of them is definitely the fact that you can’t be 100% sure who is on the other site of PC screen. Not all Filipinas do it but some of them are determined attention by fake profiles. Providing well photoshopped pictures and not true information about their background. Since internet makes it much easier to tell lies it’s hard to judge whether the ad is honest or the truth is being overstated.

6.You should beware of scammers on dating sites. Most of Filipino ladies who are looking for online love coming from normal but not rich families. Many of them are honest and true about finding perfect guy but unfortunately some of them will play tricks on you to get money and disappear after all. Most of dating services have scam alerts, well working customer services and opportunity to make a report of being scammed. All you have to remember is do not send money to somebody you don’t know and you’re not sure about.

7.Some users of online dating sites find it disturbing that most of features are being unlocked after you pay for membership. Some of the membership can be really pricey. It all depends on site’s popularity and user base. Paid membership will allow you to send unlimited messages and show interests in potential matches. As mentioned before some Filipino girls are coming from not rich families so they can’t afford for paid membership. If you are sure to meet and willing to fall in love with Filipino ladies having paid membership will be required to contact them.

8.You might be concerned about your safety as well since only few big online services provides any information about your money or data secure. What’s more only few sites require background checks like passport scan to make registration complete. Some of users who are sexual abusers, using online dating services to find new victims. You should be aware of that.

Above all, online dating should be done with caution and this can be fun and exciting way to meet your ideal partner. Some of Filipina dating sites are worth to take a look at. Who knows maybe your perfect match is waiting for you out there.