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Pina Love

  • Rating
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  • Safety is a dating service where you can meet Pinay ladies. Pinay is informal version of “Filipina”, the female version of Filipino. This is one of most popular sites about dating Asian women. It has over 425,000 user bases.

What makes this site special?
This site mostly focuses only on members who are living in USA or Philippines however users from other countries are welcomed as well. Unlike other dating websites where you have to pay to contact and sending messages, here you can do it all for free. You are able to get in touch with other members in a variety of ways with no hidden costs.

If you are looking for having an affair with ladyboys this site is right for you. Unlike the other Filipino dating services, ladyboys can find a comfy space here.

Website design
PinaLove is definitely nice and colourful site. Design is cute and eyes catching. Interface is easy to use and welcoming. Unfortunately site doesn’t indicate the number of users who are online right now however it is relatively simple to use and navigate.

One of best features here is ability to add as many photos are you want to unlike other services where free members are able to add 1 or 2 pictures. This helps to prevent surprises and will lower your chances of getting tricked by a ladyboy if this is not what you are looking for.

There is no cost to contact a member so you can feel the freedom however free members can send one message every 15 minutes. Sending messages is unlimited with paid membership.

This dating service as other similar ones offers you sending messages, live webcam chat and showing interests to all lovely ladies registered on the site.

Pictures view tool is quite good. Member’s photos are detailed with impressive size. You can view them on full screen size as well. Moreover, all members can create a private list of their favourite profiles and even add some notes that only they can read. This might come in handy while knowing each other more deeply.

The feature that is missing on this site is any matchmaking tool however searching options are quite advanced and helps you to find right partner by your own criteria.

You can become a free member or paid one. When you sign up to be a full paid member you get many unlocked benefits that a free user does not get. There will be no limitation for sending messages per day, which increase your chance of meeting potential partner. Paid members have advanced search options and easier time on the site in general.

It’s nice to say that you are able to access PinaLove from website and your mobile device. Site provides free mobile application for Android and IOS device. Now having love life never been that easy.

Registration process is same as in another dating service. It is simple and easy. You can create account using email address. To make registration complete you need to wait for service’s approval.

Safety and Privacy
This site is safe to use. All you private information and pictures is protected. What’s more if you are not sure about upgrading your account, there is a 15 days refund policy, giving you plenty of time to decide whether you would like to stay on this website or not, with no financial penalty and hidden costs. This make site trustworthy and reliable.

Customer Service
There’s plenty of help features and guidance on the site. However there’s no dedicated Q&A section. If you have any questions or problems you are able to contact customer service support by email. This feature is unlocked for both free and paid members.

Final Verdict
While this is a great value site for searching a date in Philippines, the chances of finding a date are rather normal and not that high because of lack of any matchmaking features. You won’t find many new features on the web but if you’re seriously interested in either finding a Filipina wife or just having fun and contacting many sexy Filipinas then it can’t hurt to join and sign up at Pinalove.

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